Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Reynold's

Nikki Reynold's is about to have her second child, in about one more week :). [if she waits that long] Instead of getting her a baby shower gift-- I decided to paint her two signs instead. One [Trinity Kane] for her new baby and the other one [Keira Rain] for her two-year old. Keira's room is done is Tinkerbell, but I decided do something with just the colors that way she can use it incase she changes her room in a few years. I have not got to see Trinity's room yet, but Nikki said she did it in purple, pinks, and greens! I think they both turned out adorable. Congrats Nikki and I can not wait till Trinity is here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

some ideals...

These are paintings from the past, that you can get some ideas from...

*Some ideas on prices....
~4x5 "Alphabet" Letters= $5 a Letter
~6x9 or smaller=$10
~9x12= $20
~11x14= $25
~bigger canvas' vary on prices, email for more information.